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I have lived my entire life in the small town of Bryan, Ohio.  I am a recent widow and the matriarch of my wonderful family that includes a son, two daughters, four grandsons, 7 great-grandchildren and 2 great-greats!

Over the years, I have enjoyed a number of occupations.  I married a farmer so that included keeping the books, helping with the hands-on labor on occasion and even being a surrogate mother to baby ostriches at one point.  I was also a partner in my parents’ wholesale heating and air-conditioning business for many years.

After my children finished college, I earned my bachelor’s degree in history and museum studies with a minor in fine art.  These skills led me into several different areas.  I painted ostrich eggshells, showed my torn-paper mosaics at numerous art shows and became the curator at our local county historical museum complex.  I even produced two large murals that are displayed on our family farm barns.

I have always enjoyed writing.  I have done newsletters for a number of different organizations along with a few magazine articles.  But A Mound of Evidence is my first attempt at writing a full-length book.

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